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Benefits of Using Professional Window Cleaning Service

They keep out weather, let in light, and if you’re lucky, provide beautiful views of the outside world, but when windows are dirty, they can really detract from the overall looks of your house or commercial building. While some people try to clean windows on their own, the benefits of using window cleaning professionals are more significant than one would expect.

Napa CA Window Cleaning

Napa CA Window Cleaning

Window cleaning enhances the life of your windows and provides a better overall feel of a clean home.

The most important reason to maintain window glass is to avoid gradual glass degradation. Glass can, over time, become permeable with wide range of contaminants:

  • Oxidation (from windows encased in screens and metal frames)
  • Hard minerals (from building run-off and sprinkler system
  • Sea spray can damage glass
  • Acid rain can damage glass
  • Sunlight can damage glass
  • Over spray (from silicone, paint, mortar and more)

In most cases, hard water or mineral deposits is the biggest threat to most homes and businesses and a good source of extra income for window cleaning services. Hard water that runs over the prefabricated surface, such as painted siding, wood stain, minerals, deposits, acids and concrete sealants can penetrate pores of the glass as rain water flows down window glass surface. It can damage glass if not maintained on a regular basis. The need for basic glass restoration can be easily avoided with regular cleaning of exterior glass surfaces. No less than two cleanings are recommended per year.

Though professional window cleaning is not always the cheapest option, but when you consider the benefits of hiring a pro like us for this job, you may find that its well worth paying for!

Let’s have a close look at some benefits of professional window cleaning:

We provide both residential and commercial window cleaning services:



Residential Window in Napa CA

Residential Window in Napa CA

With routine cleaning of your windows, you can easily protect and extend their life. Over time, windows can gather dirt, dust, oxidation and many other corrosive substances. Regular window cleaning will help remove contaminants, such as hard minerals, acid rain, and mildew. The important factor is to remove these contaminants before they cause permanent damage, such as the effects of oxidization.

Better Results

A professional window cleaner is most likely to leave your windows looking much better than you expected. Though homeowners and businesses can clean their windows themselves as a DIY project, but given the equipment, experience, and various professional cleaning solutions, you’ll see why a professional window cleaner produces much better results than most homeowners.
Affordable Option

Though hiring a professional for window cleaning may cost you money, but there are many other factors to consider when doing price comparison. If you consider the amount spent on hiring professional staff, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, ladders, and equipment, it’s easier to understand the cost of professional service. Looking the real cost of your time, plus the cost of equipment and supplies, you’ll begin to understand to see the real value of hiring an established window cleaner.

Saves Your Time

Juggling all the balls that life throws at you may seem daunting to say the least. Its best to try to spend your time doing things you enjoy the most, rather than spending it washing your windows. Though you can wash your windows, but what may take you all the weekend will take a team of professionals just a few hours.

Many Additional services

Window cleaning companies also offer many additional services that can save you time and possibly money. Some of these services are pressure washing, gutter cleaning, house washing, roof washing, on-site drapery cleaning, painting, home repairs and snow removal. In fact, you can even get good discount by purchasing few services in one go.


If your building has more than one level, then you’ll have to spend more time on ladder cleaning your windows. This can be dangerous and can even lead to accidental falls. Why not leave all this to professionals and get your windows sparkling again? Cleaning interiors also has added benefit of cleaning away dust and mildew from inside your house.

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