Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

There are lots of companies that do window cleaning, lots that promise heaven and a cheese pie, and then there is us. We are a company simply seeks to understand the client’s need and simply meet that need. We do so in such a professional way such that our clients not only consider us their first choice in cleaning solutions, they will confidently refer us to their friends and colleagues with a no regret guarantee.

Commercial Window Cleaning Napa CA

Commercial Window Cleaning Napa CA

Give us a try and you can tell us later if we over represented ourselves. We are a full service Commercial Window Cleaning company that handles Window cleaning, glass doors, interior glass, partitioning glass and mirrors. We seek to over deliver on our clients’ expectations, provide excellent and unparalleled services, perpetuate professional relationships with our clients while expanding our existing networks to new and potential clients in different areas of operation.

Our Staff

We place a great deal of importance in our staff across the board as they are essentially the face of the company to our clients. We put a great deal of emphasis on our recruiting structure where we insist on hard work, integrity, professionalism and a friendly attitude as the key tenets in our recruitment model.

Once hired, we ensure that our staff undergo regular training on safety and customer service to provide the superior service that we are known for. We use our host building as the key test center. We have all the glass surfaces installed as the initial training and test centers for our staff. This helps us to test different equipment, cleaning agents and also cleaning surfaces before they are used on the client’s surface, ideally to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Areas of focus over the years, we have been able to increase capacity to be able to handle the following scope of clients.

Commercial Business Structures.
We are experienced commercial window cleaners also in business set ups too. We are well equipped and trained to handle business parks, skylights, High rise and Low rise buildings,. We have the state of art equipment for these seemingly risk clean ups and also our staff are well trained in safety while on duty. Our regular training and professional experience has enabled us give a Zero Accident track record in our many years of operation.

Industrial and large Scale cleaning.

We can handle large scale Window cleaning in Industrial facilities, warehouses, Commercial sports centers, arenas and even aircraft hangers. This involves scheduled large scale window cleaning, that may take an extended period of time. Notwithstanding, our dedicated staff ensure that there is minimum interruption on the activities going on in these areas as they do the cleaning. This ensures that our clients experience minimum or zero inconvenience as we carry out our work.

Licensing Regulations

We run a Commercial Window Cleaning entity that has all the necessary licenses from the various legal bodies and safety entities in town. We are also fully insured providing safety and protection for all aspects of the business. We also have an insurance covers that ensures the safety of all our staff and employees.


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