Best Way to Clean Windows

The Best Way To Clean Windows Is To Hire A Company That Uses Squeegees

Using paper towels or wadded up newspapers to clean windows only serves to move the dirt around and leave a static charge on the window that makes the window look worse than it did before you cleaned it. This process leaves streaks that are very difficult to remove.

The only way to completely clean windows is to use a squeegee to remove the cleaning solution. The squeegee blade is wiped with a soft lint-free cloth like a diaper to remove the cleaning solution buildup. A chamois is used to remove any water remaining on the edges of the glass.The squeegee is used by every professional window washer because the results are guaranteed to be very good. It does not leave streak, and it does remove all of the cleaning solution.

Although the squeegee has been around since the middle ages, it wasn’t until the early 20th century that professional window washers began using the rubber-bladed version of this effective tool. An Italian immigrant by the name of Steccone developed a light weight squeegee with a brass handle and a very flexible rubber blade. The ‘Ettore’ as it is known today, is still manufactured by the company that Steccone started in California, and it is still the favorite among professional window washers. The rubber blade is made from a secret formula that no one has ever duplicated. This blade maintains it sharp edge to leave the glass clean and streak free.

Of course, you want to hire a window washing company that is experienced is using the squeegee, and our company has professionals who are exceptional at using this marvelous tool. When we combine the high quality cleaner that is applied with the appropriate applicator, the squeegee just finishes the job beautifully. We have a squeegee that will work on every glass size.

We don’t scratch the glass which newspapers and certain cloths will do. Also, newspapers are produced today with the kind of ink that leaves a smear. Many factors figure into the best method for washing windows, and our company knows each one. The professional will always use the most important factor which is the best squeegee. To ensure the maximum effectiveness of our window cleaning method, our company knows when to change the rubber blade so that the best results will be achieved.

Window washing is best done by professionals if the desired result is sparkling glass free of streaks. Our professionals know how to use the squeegee efficiently to save time and money for the homeowner or the business owner.